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TES Risk Control Services Include

  • Insurance Company Overflow & Supplemental I.H. / Environmental Services;
  • In-house Supplemental Safety, Risk Control and Specific Training Request;
  • Diagnostic Evaluations;
  • Risk Control Rehabilitation Strategy Plans;
  • Safety Awards Programs;
  • Production Oriented Accountability Training;
  • Injury Management & Medical Protocol including logistical (Occ. Med.) Guidance;
  • Customized Proactive and Cost Efficient Safety Initiatives;
  • Industry Level “Cold-Eyes” Reviews;
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Safety Inspections;
  • Accident & Investigations;
  • Class Specific Responsibility Results Driven Training;
  • Loss Cost Analytical Services;
  • Fleet Vehicle Best Practices Reviews & Education Program;
  • Hiring Practices Top Grading Information;
  • “At Risk Behavior” Identification Process;
  • Due Diligence and Legal Impact regarding OSHA regulations and Safety Policies;
  • Simple & Effective Management Driven Safety-based Program Assistance;
  • Harnessing “leading indicators” to drive loss cost down Education;
  • Safety Committee Support Assistance (Initial and On-going); and,
  • SIF, Transitional Duty & Post Hire Physical Functional Ability Evaluations Direction

Risk Control

The TES Insurance Division will partner with the Insurance Community to make available the full spectrum of TES Environmental, Health & Safety Services and Professional staff.  These services and staff will also be offered to other industry-clients in need of assistance to lower insurance related loss cost.  These services are not intended to replace existing client services or efforts, but to maximize all potential resources and hazard reduction efforts when TES is linked-in to the respective Insurance Component.  The objective of these partnerships is to raise awareness with clients on how their profits can be maximized through prudent outsourcing of selective services.